SOAP WEEKEND INTENSIVE: June 10, 11, 12, 2011

cold process soapDescription: We are so excited to have our Otion Soap Weekend Intensive class happening for the fourth year in a row! Packed with information and expert instructors, Soap Weekend Intensive is a series of small, hands on soap making classes with practical advice to provide you an excellent base of knowledge for soapmaking and lotionmaking as well as the inspiration to take your crafting to the next level.

soap making intensive otion soapDon't miss out! Our 2010 weekend was a sold out event with a waiting list. Register early to reserve your spot for the 2011 Soap Weekend Intensive.

Early Bird registration, thru March 1, 2011 - $350
Full Price, after March 1, 2011 - $400

Soap Weekend Intensive is next week -- NO REFUNDS for cancellations at this point. See you all on Friday!

(cancellations received before April 30 will receive a full refund, minus a $25 cancellation fee)

Tentative 2011 Soap Weekend Intensive Schedule

Classes for 2011 will include the following topics. Check back for more details:

Optional Demo

Friday 4 p.m.: Beginner CP Overview (recommended for new CP soapers. If you’ve made soap a few times, this is optional).

Friday 5 p.m.: Beginner MP Overview (recommended for new MP soapers. If you’ve made a few batches of MP soap, this class is optional).

8:30 a.m. Introductions - Orientation - Meet your instructors
Overview of schedule
Intro of students (who/where from/one thing you want to learn/what you know how to make already)

9:00 Colorants/Fragrances/Essential Oils Anne-Marie
9:50 Break
10:00 CP Advanced Kristy
12:00 Lunch
1:00 CP Advanced Kristy
2:45 break
3:00 Liquid Soap I - making the paste, understanding the science
5:00 end

9:00 a.m.
Questions and review about yesterday's lessons
Unmolding CP soap
9:30 Paula Kates Advanced MP
10:45 break
11:00 Paula Kates, Advanced MP
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Lotionmaking with Jill
3:30 Liquid Soap II – reconstituting the paste
4:30 Back to Otion for Cupcakes, Graduation, Soap Wrapping, Shopping, Photos

Soap Weekend Instructors:

Kristy Schemrich

My name is Kristy Schemrich and I am the founder and owner of Kristy's Lovely Lathers. I am a 43 year old housewife and mother of 3 grown children. I live in Shreve, Ohio. I started creating soaps in February. 2006 after going to my husband's cousin's home in Atlanta, Ga. at Christmas in 2005. I walked into her house and kristy_schemrichshe had a tray of these square "things" (I thought at the time) sitting out on a plate on the kitchen bar. I asked Bonnie what they were and she said "Oh that is soap, I made it!".

I was so intrigued that I went home starving for information on how to make it. I made my first batch and it turned out horribly. I broke my wrist after that first batch and couldn't make soap for 12 weeks. I thought I was going to go crazy. I started selling in 2007 to a major hardware store called Lehman's Hardware in Kidron, Ohio. They are my biggest customer to date. I started making "fancier" soaps available on Etsy in March 2008 because I have a big love for colors and creating art out of soap. My soap is strictly cold process and mainly goat's milk.


Paula Kates

Paula Kates from PJ SoapsPaula Kates is owner, artist and CEO of PJ Soaps. With an extensive background in Linguistic Philosophy, Paula left behind 11 years in the administrative world of the performing arts, first at Milwaukee's Florentiine Opera, then with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, and eventually cutting out on her own and turning her love of art towards soap making.

Paula has been making Melt and Pour soap since 2003 most recently winning "Best Soap" at the 2007 ISOCAN soapmaker's convention in the Chicago area and "Best Soap" at the 2008 First Annual Georgia Spring Fling Soapmaker's Convention in Conyers GA (outside of Atlanta) and has been aiming for mastery of the art form ever since. Paula's soaps can be seen at The Swedish American Museum Center in the Chicago area as well as the DAR Museum Shop (Daughters of the American Revolution) in D.C. Paula is teaching two classes at Otion, to be announced.

Each bar of PJ Soaps is a one-of-a-kind natural, useful and aroma-therapeutic work of art. Her soap bases are some of the finest and most moisturizing we've located in the world.

Jill Heuser

Jill Heuser soap making weekendJill Heuser is the soapmaking artist behind Northwest Scents. Northwest Scents grew out of one woman’s dream for quality, gentle and unique bath and body products. Jill’s goal is to use the highest quality ingredients available to create the finest selection of bath and body products possible. Using exotic butters, oils and other natural ingredients to nourish and pamper her customers. Northwest Scents has quickly become a local favorite. She creates products in her “spare time” when she is not wrangling her three energetic kids. Jill has been making bath & body products for 8 years and has taught at Otion for the last 5. With her degree in Biology, she’s a natural at explaining the chemistry behind lotion making.

Anne-Marie Faiola

Anne-Marie FaiolaAnne Marie Faiola has been making soaps and toiletries since she was 16. She is the founder of Bramble Berry Inc. which sells quality raw soaping materials (including butters, oils, fragrance oils, essential oils, and colors) to the soap and toiletries makers of the world. Now in its 12th year of business, Bramble Berry serves over 38,000 customers world wide and has been featured in magazines such as Women's World Daily, Herb Companion, HomeArts, Parents Guide, Herb Quarterly, Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publications and mentioned in Cosmo Girl, Teen Vogue and Allure Magazine. Anne-Marie has also appeared as a repeat guest on the Martha Stewart Radio show, Disney Radio and numerous TV shows, including DIY's Craft Lab and Home Shopping Network. Her blog is and she is active on the Teach Soap Forum.

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