DIY Air Fresheners

Does anyone else spend too much money on air fresheners for their cars? I know I can’t be the only one! I can’t ever seem to find the right smell, or if I do, once it’s in my car I don’t like it anymore! Well, I did some digging on Pinterest and discovered that it is a simple project to make your own air fresheners! And the best part is, you can pick any fragrance or essential oil that you’d like!

What You’ll Need:
Felt (one regular piece and one adhesive piece)
Hole Punch
Stencil (optional)
Fragrance Oil(s) or Essential Oil(s)


1. Pull off the paper covering the adhesive on your felt, and stick it to your other piece of felt. The two together will make your air freshener more stiff and not flimsy.

2. If you want to use a stencil, trace the shape onto either side of the felt. (Using a pen works great) If you don’t want to use a stencil, you can freehand any sort of shape you would like. For my stencil, I printed out a flower.

3. Once you have the shape you’d like drawn on your felt, you are now ready to cut it out!


4. Now you are ready to hole punch at the top of your shape and tie a piece of string through it.


5. Once you have your string looped through the hole, now you can add your fragrance! Add 3-5 drops in each ‘corner’ of your shape. You do not want to over saturate your felt, as it will drip if you put too much. Less is more in this case. **Before hanging it in your car, pick it up and make sure it doesn’t drip. Because this is fragrance oil, it can stain.** If it does not drip and you’d like it a little stronger, you can definitely add more drops to your air freshener.


6. There you have it! Now you don’t have to pay for expensive air fresheners, you can make them yourself!

**Add more drops or change out air freshener as needed!**

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