Opposites Attract: M&P Embeds in CP Soap


Earlier this year we debuted an out of this world project: Embedding CP soap into M&P soap. We had so much fun with our project we decided to try it again…Only inverted! This M&P embedded in CP is so stunning, it is sure to make a lovely Valentines Day gift. So give it a whirl, you may just find it’s your new favorite technique!

To see our first mixed medium project see our blog here.

What You Will Need:

For Cold Process Batch:
4 oz Avocado Oil
1 oz Castor Oil
5 oz Coconut Oil
6 oz Olive Oil Pure
5 oz Palm Oil
1 oz Shea Butter
2 tsp Titanium Dioxide
8 oz Distilled Water
3.04 oz Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)
Rose Petals
10″ Silicone Loaf Mold

For Melt & Pour Embeds:
18 oz Clear Melt & Pour
2 mini scoops Super Pearly White
7 mini scoops Cellini Red
2 mini scoops Merlot Mica
1 mini scoop Cellini Blue
2 mL Black Amber & Lavender Fragrance Oil
Clean-up Tool
Mini Heart Silicone Embed Mold

ONE: Before you start your melt & pour embeds, you will want to make your lye water so it has time to cool down before you make your soap. Weigh out 3.04 oz of Sodium Hydroxide and set aside. Then weigh out 8 oz of distilled water. Once you have both weighed out, go ahead and add your lye to your water while mixing with a whisk. Label your mixture so no one touches it and set aside.

TWO: To start your heart embeds, melt down your clear m&p and add 7 mini scoops Cellini Red, 2 mini scoops Merlot Mica, 1 mini scoop Cellini Blue and 2 mL Black Amber & Lavender Fragrance Oil. Make sure you stir until there are no clumps in your soap. You can use the mini mixer to help disperse the color in the soap if needed.

THREE: When your color and fragrance is fully incorporated into your clear m&p you are ready to pour! To make this process easier, we recommend putting your mold in a tall sturdy vase to help keep it upright. Otherwise it likes to tip over. Once you have your mold in a vase, go ahead and pour your m&p into the mold. Let fully solidify and repeat steps until you have made 4 heart embeds. (note: if your m&p starts solidifying in your bowl you can pop it back in the microwave for 30 seconds.)

FOUR: Once your heart embeds are made, take a clean up tool and scrape off the edges that are from the seal of the mold. Once the edges are cleaned up, cut the embeds to fit the 10″ loaf mold. Set aside.


FIVE: Add 2 tsp Titanium Dioxide with 1 tbsp fixed oil and mix together. Set aside.

SIX: Now its time to make your cold process batch. Combine all your oils and butters and heat in the microwave until fully melted. When your lye solution and oils are around 120 degrees (within 10-15 degrees of each other) go ahead and pour your lye solution into your oils. We recommend pouring over the stick blender so it doesn’t splash back up at you. Blend your soap until you reach trace.

SEVEN: Once you have reached trace, add your titanium dioxide to your batch and blend together.

EIGHT: Spray your heart embeds with rubbing alcohol, then place 2 embeds on the bottom of your mold. Spray again with rubbing alcohol.


NINE: Now you are ready to pour your cold process soap. Pour over the 2 embeds until they are fully submerged. Then spray the existing 2 embeds with rubbing alcohol, place in mold then pour the cold process batch until mold is full.


TEN: Spray the top of the loaf with rubbing alcohol once more, then you are ready to cover the top with rose petals.


ELEVEN: Put your loaf under a box/blankets (or in our case, aprons) so your soap doesn’t cool too quickly. After about 1-2 days you can unmold and cut your soap.


TWELVE: When cutting your soap, be sure to turn the soap upside down so the rose petals are against the table. This is to prevent the rose petals from dragging through the soap and causing deep abrasions.



5 thoughts on “Opposites Attract: M&P Embeds in CP Soap

  1. Cool! I’ve used M&P embeds in CP soap before with good results. I like how the colors can really pop in M&P soap. And it’s quick and easy to make M&P embeds, which is convenient. This soap is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

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