Melt & Pour Class

Have you ever wondered how melt & pour soap is clear? Or why you are able to get such amazing detail work into a bar of soap?
Then this class is for you!

Otion instructor Alesia will take you on a wonderful soap journey. You will learn how melt & pour is made, used, designed, labeled and sold. You will also learn advanced melt & pour techniques such as:

*Layering and detail work
*Water soluble paper usage
*Color and fragrance usage

You will ¬†also get your hands dirty… or should we say ‘clean’ as you mix your own color and fragrance to create your very own masterpieces in class!

Each student will receive the following:
*A written instruction manual
*Handcrafted water soluble paper soap
*Handcrafted detail-work soap
*Handcrafted embed-work soap
*Handcrafted swirl soap
**And all handcrafted soaps are made by YOU!**

This class is expected to fill up fast, so reserve your spot today!

Class is $40.00 per person and is approximately 3 hours long.


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