Cold Process Planets in a Melt & Pour Universe

**Warning! These planets are not astronomically correct!**

Ever wanted to know how to combine cold process and melt & pour? Well, here is an out of this world opportunity to do just that!

What you will need:
- 16 oz cold process mixed colors
- 24 oz clear melt & pour
- 1 mL sodium lactate
- 4 mini scoops black luster mica
- 2 mL black tea fragrance oil
- 3 mini scoops silver glitter
- Thermometer
- 3 lb loaf mold


  • If you have some in the pot swirl soap hanging around, use it! If not, you can get some great soap from Bramble Berry. You can then shred the soap with a cheese grater. I used about 16 oz of cold process soap.2 
  • Once your cold process is grated, roll the shreds into balls ranging from 1/2 inch in diameter to 1 1/2 inches. Keep CP shreds separate so colors will be more defined.3
  • Once soap balls are rolled, it is time to make your universe!
  • Start by melting 24 oz of clear m&p. Add black luster mica, black tea fragrance oil and glitter. Stir well!4
  • Once soap has reached 130 degrees, add sodium lactate, this will thicken your soap and allow your planets to float!
  • Spray about 10-14 of your planets with rubbing alcohol and place them into your mold. Pour your m&p over the planets and begin to add more sprayed planets. Repeat in a quick fashion until the mold is full.5
  • Spray once more with rubbing alcohol and let sit.
  • Your soap will be ready to cut in approximately 2 hours!6

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