New Years Resolution

It’s a New Year here at Otion, and we are excited to start having more blogs about the 3 Otion Girls!

We decided to join Fitness Evolution in Bellingham, and to start going to the gym 4-5 days a week. We are always concentrating on taking care of our outside, but now its time to start concentrating on our insides as well. Also, we are striving to live a ‘stress less’ life; exercising more and living a healthier lifestyle, all are key to a stress less life.

Every month we will have a ‘gym check-in’ blog letting our followers know what we’re doing, how we’ve been doing and also share a project that has to do with living a healthier life.

We invite our followers to join us on our journey to a better us and to stay motivated alongside us!

We hope you all are just as excited as we are for a New Year here at Otion!

**If you have any tips or tricks to staying healthy in the New Year, share them with us in the comments!  We may feature your helpful tips and your business/products in our next Healthy Living Blog as well as our Facebook.** 

gym collagte

 ** Pro-Tip! Don’t forget to reward yourself! We have a handy sticker chart next to our desk. Every morning we make it to the gym, we get a sticker! You are never too old for stickers!**

gym pic

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