Otion’s Featured Soaper: Cathy Montgomery

Here at Otion we love hearing about all the amazing things our customers create with our products! Every soaper has their own expirience, ideas and creative process. Here is a look into the soaping of Cathy Montgomery!

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How did you get started making your own soap and other products?

Several years back, I started making soap and lotion for Christmas presents for my girls. I made several different things and then put them in knitted felted bags. Then I thought  “Hey, I could sell this. Now I sell at a market in Birch Bay on the weekends, across from The C Shop.


Please describe some of the products you create and sell!

I make soaps, lotions and lip balms and body sprays. I have goat’s milk soap also. Several flavors of lip balms. I have a gardener’s soap with bamboo extract powder and jojoba beads with Grass Stain (fragrance oil) and Rosemary (essential oil) so it’s a little gritty to help get your hands clean.

What is your personal favorite fragrance?


Do you have any tips or tricks to share with other soapers?

Get a good mold. Life is too short to fight with your soap. I have Brambleberry’s  5 lb. wooden soap mold with the sliding bottom and silicone liner. The soap literally falls out of the mold and the liner peels right off and my soap sits there all perfect and wonderful.

Do you have a great success or failure story? Maybe you tried something new and it did (or did not) work as expected?

I make pine tar soap for my husband. He hasn’t used anything else for the last several years. The recipe specifically said to have the temperature low (around 60 to 65 degrees) when you combine the oils and lye solution. I got impatient and mine was about 90 degrees and it seized up like crazy. We had to smash it down into the mold with a spatula. I just barely got it mixed.  So follow your recipe!

To see and purchase Cathy’s products, click here to visit her Etsy shop!



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