Elemental Swirl

We’ve taken the ITP swirl to the next level! Two layers, one “warm” and one “cool”, are separated by a thin mica vein. Try it with your favorite colors, or break out of your comfort zone!  If you’ve never done an in-the-pot or ITP swirl before, check out this tutorial.

The Recipe:

10.5 oz Coconut Oil

10.5 oz Palm Oil

7 oz Rice Bran Oil

7 oz Sesame Oil

5 oz Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)

11.6 oz Distilled Water


Ultramarine Blue

Hydrated Chrome Green

Yellow Mica

Cellini Red

Cappuccino Mica


Step 1: Separate your batch into two “pots” leaving some behind to mix your colors.

Step 2: Add your colors to your pots! Be sure to reserve just a small amount of each color; we’ll explain that later.  The trick is to do some of the color from way up high, and pour the rest right close to the surface of your pot.  This will make sure you get colored soap evenly in the neutral white background.  Stick your spatula in, and make a single clockwise swirl.  Do not go past that; too much and your colors will muddle when you pour your “pots”.

Step 3: Pour your first layer, moving back and forth across the log mold.  This will help to swirl and evenly distribute the colors in the mold.  Scrape out all the remaining soap onto the top of the loaf.

Step 4: The trick to adding a great mica vein is all in the illusion!  You don’t really need to cover the entire surface of the soap with a coat of mica.  Sprinkling it across most of the soap is sufficient. This tea straining ball is perfect for sifting the mica over the surface of the soap.  You should be able to see soap batter through the mica.

Step 5: Pour your second layer gently and close to the surface of the first.  You will have some of it breaking into the first layer; that’s OK!  This will give you the lovely wavy effect between the two layers, which really lends to the beauty of this soap.

Step 6: Use the remaining colored soap to swirl the top of your soap with a skewer.  Remember, you only need to swirl the top thin layer of soap.  Don’t insert your skewer to the bottom of your mold.


Tip: When cutting this loaf, flip it on its side so you’re cutting with the mica vein, not against!  This will prevent any “dragging” in your final bars.

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    • Hi Ann! We don’t really sell a lot of soap, as we mostly sell soapmaking supplies. But, the top fragrances would probably have to be Oatmeal Milk and Honey, Lavender, Island Coconut and Cranberry Fig. They’re all super yummy, and do great in cold process soap!


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