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Happy Easter


Happy Easter! We hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends! We’d love to hear and see what fun Easter projects everyone has going on. We decided on a cold process soap project. Now available to see and purchase at our store!
Reminder: Otion will be closed April 20th & 21st for Easter! We will be open for regular business hours on Tuesday the 22nd.

What You’ll Need:

6.8 oz Sweet Almond Oil
4.1 oz Avocado Oil
4.9 oz Castor Oil
15.6 oz Coconut Oil
2.7 Hemp Seed Oil (Refined)
10.2 oz Palm Oil
13.8 oz Rice Bran Oil
8.13 oz Sodium Hydroxide (Superfatted at a 6%)
20 oz Distilled Water
2.1 oz Grass Stain Fragrance Oil
0.3 oz Pink Grapefruit Fragrance Oil
1.1 oz Lime Fragrance Oil

Ultramarine Pink
Cellini Blue
Neon Blue Raspberry
Fizzy Lemonade
Hydrated Chrome Green
Activated Charcoal

Squeeze Bottles
5 lb Wood Loaf Mold
5 lb Silicone Liner

1. Our first step was to make our lye solution so it had time to cool down. We measured out 20 oz Distilled Water and 8.13 oz Sodium Hydroxide and set to the side to cool down.
**Always remember to make sure you label your lye solution so nobody gets into it!**

2. Next, we measured out our Fragrance Oils and our colorants. We premixed our colors with Avocado Oil.


3. While our lye solution was cooling, we measured out our oils in a large Pyrex bowl. Our oils were a little cool, so we stuck them in the microwave on 20 second bursts. Once our lye solution and our oils were around 100 degrees Fahrenheit (10-15 degrees of each other), we combined them together.

24. Once we came to a light trace, we measured out 8 oz of our soap into 5 different squeeze bottles. Then we mixed our premixed Fizzy Lemonade in our batch of soap. With our squeeze bottles, we poured each of our colors in and shook it up until completely mixed. When all our colors were mixed thoroughly in our squeeze bottles, we did an in the pot swirl. We alternated squeezing each color back into the Pyrex. You will have soap left over in your squeeze bottles, just set it aside as you will use it later!

35. We then took a skewer and pulled it through each color, going around twice. Now its time to pour! We poured our soap in a 5 lb wood loaf mold until it was completely full.

46. Now its time to grab those squeeze bottles again! Alternate between each color and do a zig-zag pattern on the top of the loaf. Keep switching between colors until all your soap is gone!

57. Time for the fun swirling! We first did a linear swirl, then finished with doing figure-eights. You can  do any kind of swirling technique you’d like, or even make up your own!

68. Put a box over top your soap to help reduce soda ash. Then wait 3-4 days to unmold and cut your soap!


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Ready, Set, CRAFT!

We are less then a month away from our Grand Opening of The Crafter’s Corner on May 8th! This all day event will begin at 10am and the first thirty people will receive an exclusive goodie bag filled with BrambleBerry and Otion products. The Crafter’s Corner will give you the opportunity to walk in daily (reservations are encouraged) and not only hand craft your own soap but also lip balm, bath bombs and nail polish. This is a great addition to the many weekend classes we already offer!

Four stations will be available to accommodate multiple people at one time. These projects are for any age and there is always a teacher close by to lend a hand in creating your handmade memories. Projects include: Lip Balm, Bath Bombs, Nail Polish and Melt & Pour Soap. Prices range from $10-$20 and come with instructions and all the supplies to make and take home fully finished projects.

cc menu peg


With the new Crafter’s Corner, Otion will also be offering punch cards! These punch cards will only be for The Crafter’s Corner and not used in conjunction with other purchases. Gain one punch for every $5.00 spent on Crafter’s Corner projects. Each completed reward card enables you to receive $5.00 off of your next Crafter’s Corner purchase! 

Otion will be closed May 6th and 7th for some remodeling for the Grand Opening! If you’re at Otion in the meantime, please excuse the dust and maybe even a little mess while we are gearing up for this exciting change!

We’ve got pig plans and we can’t wait until everyone can see it!



collage 2


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DIY Rock Coasters


April is earth month and just like our DIY candle we’ve been itching to do a crafty project with these rocks. We picked them up on a walk on the shore of Birch Bay. Here’s what we came up with!



What You Will Need:

Hot Glue Gun
Poster Board or Cardboard
1. First, we traced circles onto the felt and then cut them out.  We chose grey and black felt, but I think colored felt would be fun too.


2. Then we plugged in our hot glue gun so it had time to warm up as we started  to lay out our rock designs.

3. The hardest part was getting the rocks just right, but once we were satisfied with a design, we started to glue the rocks into place one at a time.



4. Once the rocks were completely glued into place, they were finished! How easy was that?!


We did end up gluing on some heavy duty poster board to the bottoms once we realized how flimsy the felt had become under the weight of the rocks. This made them sturdy enough to move around easily without disturbing the actual design.


Now we have great coasters for our coffee, candles & soap!



Recycling Glass Amber Bottles

Many of you bring in your empty glass amber bottles to Otion, but did you know you could make a fun project out of those bottles?! Read on to find out how!

final 1

What You’ll Need:

Empty Glass Amber Bottles (cleaned out)
Acetone Nail Polish Remover
Sandpaper (fine grain)
Safety Goggles
Sink or large bowl of cold water

**The first thing to know about this project is that you are dealing with fire. Please take ALL precautions when doing this project. Wear safety goggles, gloves, and make sure there are no children or pets around. Be VERY careful!
Otion is not responsible for any damage or injuries from this project.**




1. Clean out glass amber bottles. We just rinsed well with warm water.

2. Cut and braid yarn around the bottle where you’d like to ‘cut’. Tie it very snug around the bottle, this will help for a nicer ‘cut’.


3. Take the yarn off of the bottle and soak in acetone nail polish remover for a few seconds. Make sure it is fully submerged!


4. Place acetone soaked yarn around the bottle. **NOTE: The bottle likes to break a few centimeters above where the yarn is placed. Keep that in mind when you place your yarn.**

5. Turn your bottle sideways and light the yarn on fire. (You will have a pretty big flame, so be VERY CAREFUL!) Rotate bottle continually for 10-15 seconds. Then submerge fully into cold water.



6. Glass will make a cracking sound and should break apart. You might need to pull it apart if it didn’t completely break on its own.

7. Take off yarn and set aside. Be careful, as the edges are very sharp!
**Because we aren’t using an actual glass cutter, the glasses might be a little wonky. But you might be lucky and end up with a perfect line. ;) **


8. Repeat steps for as many bottles as you’d like to make.

9. Use sandpaper to smooth down the edges until it is no longer sharp.


NOTE: If you notice that your glass bottles crack down the sides, you can put masking tape around the bottle where you’d like it to break. This helps the glass to not crack down the sides.


After you have cut your bottles and sanded down the sides, you are now ready to use them for anything! Drinking glass, flower vase, pencil holder or even a candle! Enjoy! :)


Northwest Women’s Show

A few months back OTION got invited to attend the Northwest Women’s Show in Seattle. This show is all about having fun, learning new things and staying healthy! There were 400 exhibits and 3 stages, and we were lucky enough to be on one of those stages! We jumped at the opportunity to demonstrate a few different projects we do here at Otion; lip balm, cold process soap and an exfoliating facial mask. We had many people come and watch as well as a few volunteers!



5After we presented, we got to walk around and look at the many vendors and all of their goodies they brought! We ran into a few familiar faces!  Tito Pagan came to OTION to learn cold process soap making a few months back.  He designs all his own molds for soap making, and they are AMAZING! Check out his website!

We also ran into the Biesecker Natural Body Care ladies! They have a variety of products available, and their handcrafted soap incorporates goats milk. Check here if you are interested in taking a peek at what they offer.



Our event was less then a mile away from Pikes Place, so how could we resist not going?! We got lunch at the delicious Beecher’s and also found a variety of different soap vendors!
Thank you to Rachel and Amanda from BrambleBerry who watched over the store ! It was a change of pace for us, but it was definitely a fun day! :)

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Despite the Donuts

donuts 1

The girls at OTION are still working at getting to the gym on a regular basis.  Also, being  able to go with friends makes it easier and more fun to stay on track.  We’ve upgraded our gym shoes, and always have bottles full of water close at hand. Our sticker chart has filled up a few times too!


Of course there have been some set backs.  Our store is so very conveniently located across the street from an amazing donut shop!  When in the need for a morning coffee, what could be better than to pair it up with a delightful chocolate and sprinkle covered goodie? Or when their amazing staff decides to bring us over an entire box!  How could we ever say no to that?


This inspired us to make some donuts of our own!  But these will be a lot easier on our waistlines. (Sorry about the silly background noise!)

They turned out absolutely adorable!  We topped them off with Rainbow Sprinkles too, only ours were jojoba beads.  They looked and smelled good enough to eat.


Let us know how you are keeping up with your New Year’s Resolutions!  Is there anything you would like us to blog about?  We are always looking for new ideas. Feel free to share in the comments below.

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Spring Has Sprung

The sun is out and the flowers are coming up to say HI!  It’s been such an inspiration that we had to make some Melt & Pour soap to celebrate.  Here is what we came up with.


Chop up your Clear Melt & Pour base and divide into two 5oz cups and one 6oz cup.

First you will need to make your embedding pieces.  We used 4 drops of Non-Bleeding Cherry for one 5 oz cup and 6 drops of Liquid White for the other 5 oz cup. Along with 1mL Sun-Ripened Raspberry Fragrance Oil.  These then make the flowers in the Petite Daisy Mold from BrambleBerry.



3Once the daisy mold was full we swirled our leftovers into a rectangle mold.


After about an hour our soap had hardened and we popped them out of the mold. The daisies were super cute on their own but we had bigger plans.  With the swirled rectangle we brought out the big knife to cut little slivers of soap off.  As we did this the soap curled into little swirly dirlys.


Next we melted down the remaining 6oz of Clear Melt & Pour Base.  We added just a touch of Liquid Blue to make the clear just that much clearer, we also added 2mL of Sun-Ripened Raspberry Fragrance Oil.  It was a perfect match to our sunny inspiration.


We sprayed down our daisies and soap curls with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and placed them into the Heavy Duty Guest Rectangle Mold, in a design we liked. We made sure our melted soap was below 130 degrees, and then slowly poured the clear base over a fork onto the embeds.  This helps to make sure the design we laid out did not shift.


After we poured all 4 of our soaps we popped the whole thing into the freezer so we could see our finished creation that much sooner!



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Spring Cleaning

Spring is upon us and the girls at Otion wanted to get a head start! We went through our loft at the store, and even our own homes! We organized the soap molds and pulled out ones we no longer use, along with other soaping goodies! Luckily, our customers get to purchase these lightly used molds at a discounted price.
(While supplies last)

Mold Clean Up 2



In our own homes, we found many treasures hidden away. Between the three of us, we were able to donate 10 boxes to our local donation center!

messy kitchen


photo 4

While cleaning, we took advantage of essential oils and their natural cleaning abilities. For a quick all purpose spray, you can add 2 cups white vinegar with 5 drops of essential oil such as Lavender, Bergamot or Sweet Orange. Perfect for kitchen or bathroom counters. Take our Naturally Clean Home Class to learn all about making your own natural cleaning products, while utilizing many different essential oils.

Here are links to our class description & registration:


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Tye Dye Cranberry Pomegranate


What You’ll Need:

5 oz Avocado Oil
3 oz Castor Oil
9 oz Coconut Oil
12 oz Olive Oil
6 oz Palm Oil
3 oz Shea Butter
12 oz Distilled Water
5.24 oz Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)
2 oz Cranberry Pomegranate Fragrance Oil
Activated Charcoal
Electric Bubble Gum
Ultraviolet Blue
3 lb Loaf Mold

1. First we mixed our lye and distilled water together. We set that aside while we got the rest of our oils and butters together and melted down. Once the oils and lye water was between 10-20 degrees of each other (preferably around 115 degrees) we mixed the two together.


2. Once we came to trace, we poured our soap in 3 separate containers. We then colored them with Electric Bubble Gum, Ultraviolet Blue and Activated Charcoal. Along with adding in our 2 oz of fragrance oil.


3. When all our colors were mixed and our fragrance oil was added, we started pouring our soap into our loaf mold.
4. For the tye dye effect, we poured one color to start with, then the next color we poured in the middle of the loaf from top to bottom. Repeat this while switching colors until the loaf is full.


5. After all the soap was poured into our loaf mold, we took a skewer and did a fun swirl effect on top.



6. As you can see from the picture above, as our soap starting curing, the colors kept changing! The Electric Bubble Gum turned to a peachy-orange color and Ultraviolet Blue turned green. We let the soap sit under a box over night and the colors were still different. But after a week they seemed to go back to normal.
We love the end result and it smells AMAZING!


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St. Patty’s Day Gold Peppermint CP


What you will need:

5.4 oz Apricot Kernel Oil
2.7 oz Castor Oil
10.6 oz Coconut Oil
9.4 oz Palm Oil
8.3 oz Rice Bran Oil
12.6 oz Aloe Vera Liquid
5.15 oz Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)
*Superfatted at a 6%*
1.4 oz Peppermint 1st Essential Oil
1.4 oz Wintergreen Essential Oil
(discontinued at Bramble Berry as well as over a year old)
Titanium Dioxide
Chrome Green Oxide
Heavy Gold Mica
1 Squirt Bottle
3 lb Loaf Mold

*If you are using Aloe Vera Liquid in place of distilled water, be aware that your lye solution will turn yellow. Don’t be alarmed!*

  • Once our lye solution and oils were both around 110 degrees (within 15-20 degrees of each other) we started mixing the two together. Once we got to trace, we filled one squirt bottle with the soap and colored with chrome green oxide. We then colored the rest of the batch with titanium dioxide.


  • After we added the titanium dioxide, we added our Peppermint 1st and our Wintergreen Essential Oils. Unfortunately, the Wintergreen EO made our soap into a ‘mashed potato’ consistency and we needed to work rather quickly. (*Please note: The Wintergreen EO has been discontinued from Bramble Berry & it was also over a year old, which could be the reason for the change in our consistency*)2
  • We then took our squirt bottle that was colored with chrome green oxide and did an in the pot swirl.
  • After we swirled our chrome green soap into the batch, we poured it halfway full into our 3lb loaf mold. We then dusted heavy gold mica on top of it, then finished pouring the rest of the soap on top. We then dusted more heavy gold mica on the top of the loaf.
  • After insulating our soap with a box and blankets, we unmolded our soap 2 days later and cut into it. Unfortunately the heavy metal gold mica does bleed into the soap, but we think it gives it a unique look. :)


This is not what we were planning on happening with our soap project, but we definitely like how it turned out!